giving it away

Thank you all for you support over the past couple of days – there is now only 8 hours left in the free giveaway I am running on Morning of the Waking Dead and the response (and the reviews) have been fabulous. It has warmed my cockles to know how fabulous you people are. If you haven’t snagged yourself a copy yet, be sure and head to the links below. And also, let you friends, families, loved ones and anyone else who might care know.




Anyway, as if that wasn’t another, I have added another six chapters to The Vampire Strikes Back. As usual this is available free as this is draft form but you can check it out at the link below.

Ciao for now 

Bondage, Vampires and other items

Hi all, firstly, thank you all so much for your feedback to Morning of the Waking Dead on Amazon. Its lovely to get good feedback and I’m glad you are all enjoying it. For anyone who hasn’t heard, i will be doing a free giveaway of the kindle version between the 24th and 26th of June so be sure to grab a copy and tell everyone you know. You can find it here –

Secondly, I finally sorted out a Facebook page for my writing. I will be using this to get updates out, advise of new material and generally chat rubbish. Be sure to come along and like it so you get all the updates –

Finally, I have just published the next chapter of The Vampire Strikes Back, my forthcoming novel and the follow up to Morning of the Waking Dead. This particular chapter contains bondage, butt plugs and nosey cats. What more could you want? Its available here.

As always, hope you are spiffing. 

The best kind of book is a free book

Hello all,


just a quick update for you – I now have a facebook page – It would be fab if you could ‘like’ it and all those type of things.

Also, I will be giving Morning of the Waking Dead away for free as a Kindle download between the 24th and 26th of June. Tell everyone you know because the best kind of book is a free book!!


Two drunk policemen stumbled by

Good evening everyone. Hope you are all doing spiffingly. I have just posted another chapter of The Vampire Strikes Back for your reading pleasure. In this one, a rather inebriated police inspector is escorted to his home (of sorts) by his reliable Sergeant. I hope you enjoy it;

Also, in case you didn’t notice earlier, you can now buy (or borrow if you are an Amazon Prime person) a revised and redrafted version of The Morning of the Waking Dead should you be so inclined. You could also leave a review of it if you were feeling particularly kind!

Ta much

What you have all been waiting for

OK, so that’s a massive exaggeration but it caught your eye. The kindly version of morning of the waking dead is available for purchase now
I hope you enjoy it and it would be great if you left a review, ta much

A long awaited update!

OK, so I am rubbish, I admit it. It has taken me ages to update the next chapter of The Vampire Strikes Back. Good news is, its done now. You can find it here – Another chapter will follow at the weekend, I promise.

Also, I wrote a story for a competition recently, but thought it was only fair to share it with you lovely people. Its a short thriller about art, inspiration and love so if you are after something more serious than anrgy old women and vampirse, you can read it here –

And finally, This weekend sees the publication of Morning of the Waking Dead on the Kindle. Its been revised and has a pretty cover (see below)!

So lots of news and more excitement to follow over the next few days, hope you are all spiffingImage