Bondage, Vampires and other items

Hi all, firstly, thank you all so much for your feedback to Morning of the Waking Dead on Amazon. Its lovely to get good feedback and I’m glad you are all enjoying it. For anyone who hasn’t heard, i will be doing a free giveaway of the kindle version between the 24th and 26th of June so be sure to grab a copy and tell everyone you know. You can find it here –

Secondly, I finally sorted out a Facebook page for my writing. I will be using this to get updates out, advise of new material and generally chat rubbish. Be sure to come along and like it so you get all the updates –

Finally, I have just published the next chapter of The Vampire Strikes Back, my forthcoming novel and the follow up to Morning of the Waking Dead. This particular chapter contains bondage, butt plugs and nosey cats. What more could you want? Its available here.

As always, hope you are spiffing.