23rd August 2013. | Bristol, UK.

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The age old question, “What do you do when vampires attack?” is answered in the second novella in the Little Whippendon series by Adam Jones

Funny, heart-warming and at times disgusting, The Vampire Strikes Back tells the age old story of the conflict between vampires and humans in a humorous new way. The Women’s Institute fumble their way through their book club’s latest assignment, Twenty Shades of Puce, while The Little Whippendon Police Department try to combat the imminent vampire threat. At least they will do when their hangover wears off. Including a supporting cast of vampires, cross-dressers, vicars and rubber masked gentlemen, The Vampire Strikes Back is not to be missed.

Praise for The Vampire Strikes Back:

“Funny, atmospheric and very hard to put down”

“Great sense of humour”

“A very funny book some genuine laugh out loud moments”


Sergeant Jarvis was not completely convinced by the boy’s sanity, let alone his competence as a new police officer. Sure, everyone was young once but normally you padded it out by being immature, being an idiot or being inappropriate. In fact, Roy seemed to remember he had managed to be an immature and inappropriate idiot, something he was still proud of. Constable Chintzwaller was none of the above. He knew the law like the back of his hand and had the sense of humour of a man who fell asleep one day and woke up with his head in a wasps nest.


Adam Jones lives in Bristol, UK, and is the author of the Little Whippendon series.  He has been writing stories for most of his life but only began publishing them a year ago. Up until that point, his inability to organise himself had resulted in drawers full of paperwork and zip files bursting with word documents. He is a published academic and the author of the Little Whippendon series of novellas. When he isn’t writing he enjoys cycling very slowly and discordant guitar playing.


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