20th January 2014. | Bristol, UK.

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Police inspection goes wrong when werewolves enter the fray

A high ranking police official is visiting Little Whippendon for a routine inspection. Unfortunately for him, routine is not the order of the day. The third novella in the Little Whippendon series, by Adam Jones, will be released on the 1st of February, 2014.

Chief Superintendent Snood has a problem. The Little Whippendon Police Department is costing him an arm and a leg, and he can’t see why. An investigation is in order, and perhaps a mass firing. Embroiled in a love triangle and investigating strange noises nearby, Sergeant Roy Jarvis attempts to stop the inspection going awry by any means necessary. With a supporting cast of werewolves, death metal fans, hitherto unknown biblical prophets, militant cock-blocking squirrels and a botanist, The Good, the Bad and the Werewolf is a farcical comedy not to be missed.

Praise for previous Little Whippendon books:

“A  really witty story, great humour.”

“Funny, atmospheric and very hard to put down”

“Great sense of humour”

“A very funny book some genuine laugh out loud moments”


Doris was most certainly not in love with Snood. She didn’t even like the man and spent most of her working day trying to occupy the polar opposite position in the office from him. One thing Doris did have for her boss, or at least over him, was leverage. His numerous sordid misdemeanors over the years had been captured by her trusty Polaroid camera and she had accumulated a drawer stuffed full of photographic delight.

While she tried not to look at it, she did occasionally leave an image or two on the Chief Superintendent’s desk as a reminder that she was not to be pushed around. Needless to say her salary, pensions provision, company car and job security were second to none within the police force, and in part funded out of the Chief Superintendent’s own pockets.


Adam Jones lives in Bristol, UK. He has been writing stories for most of his life but only began publishing them a year ago. He is a published academic and the author of the Little Whippendon series of novellas. When he isn’t writing he enjoys cycling very slowly and discordant guitar playing.


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