1st June 2013. | Bristol, UK.

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The smallest zombie apocalypse ever recorded is the subject of the debut novella by Adam Jones

Morning of the Waking Dead is the story of what might be the smallest zombie apocalypse ever recorded. The village of Little Whippendon is turned upside down, or at least tilted and slightly shaken, when the recently deceased Zelda digs herself out of her grave. Can Reverend Elliot survive the onslaught? Will the local constabulary be able to help or will their lunch get in the way? And what exactly does go on in a portakabin toilet? The answers to these questions and many more can be found inside. 

Praise for Morning of the Waking Dead:

“A really witty story, great humour. I haven’t ever read a book from the zombie’s point of view before, I almost feel sorry for them!”

“Very well written and very very funny.”

“Brilliant take on zombies”


“The Reverend Elliott was not having a good day. First Mildred had broken the pipe organ with a somewhat over enthusiastic rendition of O Jesus, Lord, of heavenly grace; then he had been forced to smile politely through a cup of tea with Mr Jacobs who was, to his mind, the most insufferable fool in the village. And now, as if all this wasn’t enough, there was a zombie in his garden. A ruddy zombie!”


Adam Jones lives in Bristol, UK, and is the author of the Little Whippendon series. He has been writing stories for most of his life but only began publishing them a year ago. Up until that point, his inability to organise himself had resulted in drawers full of paperwork and zip files bursting with word documents. He is a published academic and the author of the Little Whippendon series of novellas. When he isn’t writing he enjoys cycling very slowly and discordant guitar playing.


Email: |Website: | Phone: 07554 668381

Twitter: @adamjoneswrites | Facebook:

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