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Howdy all, just a quick update on whats going on at AdamJonesWrites HQ, i.e. my living room.

Firstly, thank you all for the amazing feedback on Morning of the Waking dead, it means a lot to me. If you haven’t read it yet, and you like the ideas of comic but heartwarming zombies in middle England, then you can check it our here

On the other hand, if vampires and the Women’s Institute are more your thing, then you may like the first two chapters of The Vampire Strikes back which is here

I’m currently writing the third chapter of TVSB and another little short. Should hopefully be posting these in the next few days. As always comments, messages follows and favourites are always welcome. 


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The Vampire Strikes Back is underway

Hello hello, as promised, I have begun to blog my next story. I’m using the word story for pretty much everything as the categorisation of short, novella, novel etc. is tricky when you don’t know how long something will be. Also, it’s largely meaningless as the main thing is the storytelling in my humble opinion. Anyway, the first chapter of the new story, which I am calling The Vampire Strikes Back (largely because it had to have a name of some sort and I quite like Star Wars) is now up and running. You can find it at the following link if you are so inclined. https://adamjoneswrites.wordpress.com/the-vampire-strikes-back/the-vampire-strikes-back-chapter-one/

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The next installment

Hello all, so I have started writing the follow up to Morning of the Waking Dead and, well frankly, I am getting carried away. I think its going to be pretty long. Like, genuine book length long. Now, I appreciate people are busy and many folks (myself included) have pretty short attention spans. As such, I shall be blogging the book as a serial. I’m going to aim for one installment a week for as long as it takes. Plus points of this are that you lovely lovely people get new stuff more frequently. Downside is, I may get half way through and realise I want to change the first chapter. Ah well, such is life. Hopefully the first installment will be with you this weekend. It contains village life, bombs, the women’s institute and scenes of a sexual nature. You have been warned

Looking to God

It wasn’t long ago when audiences packed theaters for vampire-themed movies. Much of that popularity came from young readers devouring books like Twilight. How quickly trends change. With the new release of the film World War Z this summer, zombies will all but secure the top spot as the new vampires.

How did this happen? For this edition of Monday Mayhem, my series devoted to all things crazy and insane, I’d like to explore the rise of the zombie from a knuckle-dragging goon to a sophisticated eating machine.

Disclaimer: If anything my regular readers know about me is, I’m a zombie purist. I’m a huge fan of George A. Romero, the father of modern zombie behavioral science. Have that in mind when reading this post, since I’ll probably offer my opinion on more than one occasion—or not.

At one time, vampires ruled the earth. Bookstore shelves couldn’t…

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The start of things…

Hopefully by now, some of you may have read the new story “Morning of the waking dead”. Its a comedy about zombies causing havoc, well sort of, in Middle England. If you haven’t, you can read it here – https://adamjoneswrites.wordpress.com/morning-of-the-waking-dead-complete/


Anyway, I have started work on the follow up (no time like the present) after all, and it will be reusing the location and some of the characters from Morning of the Waking Dead. I feel a trilogy of middle England horror fiction coming… I hope you are braced for the ride!

so it begins

yup, I have two pieces of fiction to post in the next minute or two. I would love to know what you think of them. The first piece is very short, and is about a boy in a box. The second piece is longer and is about a man going to see his brother. They are both New Britain short stories which might explain their setting a bit (see the home page if this doesn’t make sense). I think a brief history of new Britain might be something to add soon, so I’ll work on that.

Here we go…

Hi all! This is a designated ramble zone. Apologies if any notes are incoherent  As before, all writing is my own unless explicitly stated, and for this I profusely apologise! I shall post something more wordy in due course, for now, I plan to finish off my first short story.