What’s happening my babber?

Hello everyone. A little update from AdamJonesWrites. It is all a bit hectic here. Mental weather and an influx of creativity are spawning numerous written thingumies.

Be warned, this is about to get wordy.

So, The Good, the Bad and the Werewolf is very nearly ready. I am aiming for a physical and Kindle release on the 1st February (in the UK, US and anywhere else that will have me). This is the third novella in the Little Whippendon series and recounts the time Chief Inspector Snood, a nasty piece of work from London, visits the village in an attempt at downsizing the Police Department.

To coincide with this release, I’ll be giving away Morning of The Waking Dead free for on Kindle five days, because I’m nice like that.

Flowing closely on its heels is the forth instalment in the Little Whippendon series, and the last (for a while). Dry your tears though, put the hanky away and keep your chin up. This one is for charity! It is a short(ish) story called A Game of One Half about the strangest game of football ever played.

For anyone who isn’t aware, it is Sports Relief in March. I don’t do sport. I think I’m allergic. It makes me go all red, puffy and sweaty. I got to wondering what I could do to contribute, without exposing myself to the rigours of physical exercise, and then I thought of this story. I have finished the first draft, and once it is ready, I will be selling it on Amazon in the usual way. All of the author proceeds will be donated to Sports Relief. I’m even going to ask Amazon to donate their share of the sale price as well (although don’t hold your breath… mind you, it is tax deductible).

As if that wasn’t enough, in February I start work in earnest on a book which has been in my mind for years. It will be bizarre, dark, disturbing, sprawling, long and complex. I don’t think anyone will like it but me

Anyway, hope you are all amazing. I know, of course, that you are!

Ta much

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