Vampires, Pensioners, Gimps and free stuff

I am very pleased to announce that The Vampire Strikes back is now officially available wordlwide in Kindle and Paperback formats! Also, advanced notice of the fact that I will be giving the Kindle edition away for free on the 4th of September for 24 hours for anyone who may be interested – I shall be reminding you all on the day. Toodle Pip

“Funny, heart-warming and at times disgusting, The Vampire Strikes Back tells the age old story of the conflict between vampires and humans in a humorous new way. The Women’s Institute fumble their way through their book club’s latest assignment, Twenty Shades of Puce, while The Little Whippendon Police Department try to combat the imminent vampire threat. At least they will do when their hangover wears off. Including a supporting cast of vampires, cross-dressers, vicars and rubber masked gentlemen, The Vampire Strikes Back is not to be missed.”


The Vampire Strikes Back
The Vampire Strikes Back


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